My name is Maria Burgers

As a child I always wanted to work as a nurse in developing countries.

Maternity care from an independent maternity assistent is unique!

Fun & experience

As a child I wanted to become a nurse in developing countries. That is why I went to the Middle and Higher Professional Training for nurses. Everything about breastfeeding I have always found the most fascinating of all I have done and so I ended up working as a self-employed nurse in maternity care from 1999 onwards. In this setting I have the perfect time and opportunity to assist the brand new mother and her child with breastfeeding. In the vast majority of cases I see that mother and child are able to enjoy this independently by the end of the maternity period.
Furthermore, it is always a wonderful challenge for me to provide a family with a pleasant and relaxed maternity care time. I work with great pleasure.

Quality register and complaints procedure

I am registered in the quality register of the Knowledge Center Maternity Care (KcKz). This quality register sets strict requirements in the field of further training and professional competence. I am also a member of the NBVK.
From 01-01-2016, the Wkkgz is effective: this law requires that every healthcare provider has an independent Complaints Officer for the informal handling of client complaints.
As a self-employed person in healthcare, I am affiliated with the Zorgprofessional complaints procedure. This complaints procedure provides for a Complaints Officer and a Complaints procedure.


Planning is a flexible concept in my work. I accept one maternity care every two weeks. There is always a chance of overlap with a next family. For this I work together with other care providers in the field, so that you are always assured of good care!