Maria with baby in her arms - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg
My name is Maria Burgers

As a child I always wanted to work as a nurse in developing countries.

Priceless information for your first week as a new parent

Maria with baby - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

Fun & experience

As a child I wanted to become a nurse in developing countries. That is why I went to the Middle and Higher Professional Training for nurses. Everything about breastfeeding I have always found to be the most fascinating of all I have done and so I ended up working as a self-employed maternity assistent in the home situation with brand new parents in The Netherlands from 1999 onwards.

It is unique to The Netherlands to have a maternity assistant come to help and guide you in your first week of being a brand new parent.

In this setting I have the perfect time and opportunity to assist the brand new parents and their newborn with all the details that come with taking good care of your baby, such as breastfeeding. In the vast majority of cases I see that mother and child are able to enjoy this independently by the end of the maternity care period.
Furthermore, it is always a wonderful challenge for me to provide a family with a pleasant and relaxed maternity care time. I work with great pleasure.

I have made a website for parents abroad who do not have the luxury of a maternity assistant to help in the first week after birth.
This way you, as new parents, get all the information, knowledge and handson training (in home video's! ) you need, in order to built trust and become more relaxed in taking care of your new familymember!

Quality register 

baby on sheepskin - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

I am registered in the quality register of the Knowledge Center Maternity Care (KcKz). This quality register sets strict requirements in the field of further training and professional competence. I am also a member of the Dutch professional association for maternity care (NBVK).

Why this website?

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I work with a lot of parents that are not originally from The Netherlands. They kept telling me that they are very fortunate to get all this guidance and information, especially in the first week of parenthood. Therefore I started this international website.

I also give the possibility to consult me and ask all your questions by video calling through Zoom: