The baby's First Week

For every day of this very special week I have made videos and texts to help you with all the things you might run into.
I also use relevant you-tube videos sometimes.

Priceless information for your first week as a new parent


Getting re-acquainted 

The arrival of a new baby never ceases to be a miracle. You and your baby have got to know each other during your pregnancy, but seeing her * in the flesh is something completely different. For the first time, you and your baby will be face to face. Time for re-acquaintance. Wonderful and strange. You will have to get used to it.

This hands on detailed explanation contains information about the first contact with your baby, about the baby's adaptation to life outside the womb and about caring for your child and about the recovery process of your own body.

*the use of the word “her” also refers to “him” in the text of the entire website. This choice is made for readability and because the baby in the websitevideo’s is a girl.