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Breastfeeding, formula and engorgement

June 27 2021

Whether or not to breastfeed, by the time your baby is almost there, you will probably know it. Even if you do not want to breastfeed, you can choose to latch on your newborn. The first milk, named colostrum, is packed with antibodies!


Sleeping in the cradle or cot, the umbilical clamp and jaundice

May 30 2021

Everything is ready: cradle or cot, changing table, playpen and pram. But how are you going to do it? There is really no right or wrong, as long as your baby is nice and warm. 


The first weeks of your baby are all about adapting to the world around her

May 2 2021

After giving birth, your baby has to adapt very quickly to the world outside the womb. How does she do that?


Skin to skin contact right after the delivery

April 4 2021

The most important thing after the delivery is for your baby and you or your partner to have skin to skin contact.


Your baby's arrival: getting acquainted

March 7 2021

Face to face with your baby immediately after birth! Most babies will be awake and alert for a while. This is a beautiful moment for a first meeting outside the womb, in the real world.