Maternity care

Maternity care is intended to give mother and child, as well as other family members, a good start in a very special phase of life.

Maternity care from an independent maternity assistent is unique!

What can you expect?

Maternity care is intended to give mother and child, as well as other family members, a good start in a very special phase of life. The maternity care period is not only to recover and get to know the baby, but also to enjoy each other and get used to the new family situation. My task is mainly to provide intensive support and care for mother and child.

The first few days I will take care of your baby and the family, so you can stay in your bed to recover. I will bring the baby to you for the feeding, I will often change diapers and take care of your baby together with your partner and we bathe thebaby together when you are back on your feet.

Usually I first teach your partner to change diapers, to measure the baby's temperature, to heat up warm water bottles and how to position the baby in bed.

If you are ready, I will also explain to you everything about taking care of your baby and gradually leave this care more and more to you and your partner.

Older children are also involved in the care of - and getting used to - the new baby.

Care and getting used to

We will also talk about the importance of bonding and how exposure to skin to skin contact with your baby is important in this and we will make time and space for this, preferably daily.

During the first days I will explain what signals of hunger the baby gives and how you can react in time by starting the feeding.

When you are breastfeeding, I will explain to you and your partner how you can best position your baby to the breast and how you can see if the baby is drinking effectively.

When you give formula, I will explain to you and your partner how to prepare, heat and give the formula and how to clean the bottles and teats.

 It is also my job to keep a close eye on the health of mother and baby by doing medical checks and weighing the baby.

And of course I am your source of information during this new  and possibly awkward period.

Pleasant and relaxed

Every day we look at and discuss what needs to be done first.
Have you already had breakfast, do you want to take a shower, are we going to start with a feeding or with medical checks?

During the day I can make you fruit and lunch and I will make sure you always have enough to drink.

I will also take on some household tasks such as giving you  a clean bed, doing the laundry and keeping clean the sanitary facilities you use.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed!

Signing up

You can register from the 10th week of your pregnancy, because then you have a fair chance that I can honour your wish to receive maternity care from Maria Burgers Maternity Care. You can sign up by clicking the button below.


Around the 34th week of your pregnancy I come to your home to get acquainted and to inquire about details about the delivery and the maternity care period. In consultation we can see what is possible or desirable, each family has its own needs in this. I want to accomodate these needs as much as possible, taking into account my own possibilities.

I think it is important that you and your family can look back on an informative and valuable maternity period with a good feeling. That is why I offer the maximum indicated care, so there is also time to enjoy all the fun around the maternity care period. The hours are determined by the National Indication Protocol (LIP).

Currently, the basic care is 49 hours for breastfeeding and 45 hours for bottle feeding. These hours are spread out over 8 days from the day of birth. If necessary, the number of care hours can be adjusted, in consultation with the midwife, or the care can be extended if necessary by 2 extra days, a 9th and 10th day. During all these days you will not get a change of maternity nurse.