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Priceless information for your first week as a new parent

baby lacht naar je - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

How does it work?

For every day of this very special week I have made video's and texts to help you with all the things you might run into.
I also use relevant You-Tube video's sometimes.
Click the menu-item above named 'The baby's first week' and absorbe and enjoy all the information, in text and video. 

baby hand houdt wijsvinger vast - Maria Burgers Kraamzorg

Personal assistance via video calling

If you have specific questions, concerns, doubts, or just like to talk to me in person for tips & tricks, that is also possible!

A 15 minute appointment costs € 19,95
A 30 minute appointment costs € 39,90

To convert to the currency in your country press here

You pick an available timeslot from the calendar and make the payment. After the booking is set you will get a confirmation of the booking and I will send you a link for the video call at the booked time!


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