What can you expect from Baby Care Handson?

My intention is to give you the best information available,
for the first week with your brand new baby.

Priceless information for your first week as a new parent

What can you expect?

Baby Care Handson is intended to give mother and child, as well as other family members, a good start in a very special phase of life. The maternity care period is not only to get to know the baby and recover, but also to enjoy each other and get used to the new family situation.
The information on this website is mainly to provide intensive support to the mother and child and the other parent.

I will show you how to take care of your baby: I will show you the best ways to feed your baby (both breastfeeding and formula), how to change diapers and bathe your baby, how to react on your baby's signals and much more! All is handson supported by numerous videos!

Also subjects as: babies temperature, safe position in the crib or cradle, how to deal with crying, how to transport a baby safely, going outside and sunprotection are important subjects.

Usually I first teach your partner to change diapers, to measure the baby's temperature, to heat up hot-water bottles and how to position the baby in the cradle or cot. This is all shown in videos and reading materials.

Care and getting used to

I will also talk about the importance of bonding and how exposure to skin-to-skin contact with your baby is important,  preferably daily.

During the first days I will explain what signals of hunger the baby gives and how you can react in time by starting the feeding.

When you are breastfeeding, I will explain to you and your partner how you can best position your baby to the breast and how you can see if the baby is drinking effectively.

When you give formula, I will explain to you and your partner how to prepare, heat and give the formula and how to clean the bottles and teats.

So let me help you and let's get started!

Pleasant and relaxed

This website gives you information and handson training per day for the first 7 days about what to expect for both mother and child and how to deal with it.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed!

More questions or the wish to talk to me in person?

If you have specific questions, or want to talk to me in person, we can do this online (Zoom). You can book an appointment with me in the calendar. Isn't that great?


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