BabyCare Handson (BCH)

Especially for new parents abroad, who do not have the luxury of a maternity assistant in the first week after birth!

Everything you need to know in the first week of your newborn in one place .

Baby Care Handson

This is a short introduction to my website 'Baby Care Handson'. I help a lot of new parents in The Netherlands with our unique healthcare system, in which you receive care for mother and child from a maternity assistant in the first week after your baby is born.

A lot of people I help, are originally from outside The Netherlands, and they tell me that their friends abroad would be so happy to have all this valuable information, knowledge and handson support as well, but their healthcare system does not provide for it.

Please share with your family and friends.
The information and video's with handson training are made especially to support the brandnew parents abroad in their first week with their newborn baby!